AVFD Mask Policy

This policy takes effect 15 August 2021 and remains in force until explicitly rescinded by the AVFD appointed COR or vote by a majority of members of the AVFD Board of Directors. An automatic review of this policy and its continued applicability will be conducted no later than 1 August 2022. This policy has been put in place to maintain consistency with guidance, best practices and requirements as issued from the combination of the Center for Disease Control, Virginia and Loudoun County Departments of Health, and Virginia Department of Education.

AVFD Mask Policy for BSA Activities

This policy is intended to establish masking requirements for all participants and guests of the Arcola Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) Boy Scouts of America (BSA) program regardless of location. For the purposes of this policy, “fully vaccinated” means having received all required doses of an approved US COVID vaccination (series), with the last dose given at least 14 days ago. In the event that there is any conflict between the mask guidance in this policy and the mask requirements of a hosting facility or other sponsoring organization for an activity, the more stringent policy shall be followed.

Indoor mask requirements

All participants shall wear masks at all times indoors, except where explicitly noted otherwise (below). Masks must be serviceable, clean and in good working order. Masks may be cloth or disposable. Neck gaiters, bandanas, masks with vents or damaged masks are not acceptable. For that any participant is unable to provide a mask for their own use, they may request a disposable mask be provided from AVFD.

Outdoor mask requirements

When outdoors, individuals are not required to wear masks when socially distanced (more than 6 feet apart), are reasonably stationary and able to maintain social distance. When congregating in areas where social distancing is not able be maintained, masks are recommended for all participants regardless of vaccination status. Those individuals who are not fully vaccinated shall wear masks during times when social distance cannot be adequately maintained.

Regardless of location, masks are not required to be worn when:

Participants are actively eating or drinking. While eating or drinking without a mask, you must be stationary and social-distanced to the best ability that the space provides. Masks must be re-donned when leaving the eating area (e.g. to get food).

A participant is fully socially distanced, stationary, or speaking to a large group with appropriate distance separation (for example, providing instruction, leading a meeting, etc.)